Artist Bios

Although not formally trained in a traditional way, she has honed her skills with the help of friends
whose studios and experience became available to her.

Originally from Brownsville, Texas, she moved to Mariposa in 2007 and loves the country living and
wide open spaces.

Before she became a full time artist she spent her career travelling the world as a stewardess with
Pan Am.
A Mariposa native, and award winning artist, Cathy is mostly self-taught.  She works in oil,
but occasionally experiments with watercolor, colored pencil and charcoal.  
She feels a strong connection with her subjects and prefers animals (particularly bears) and
Native American themes.

When not painting her astoundingly realistic images, she practices interior design, mostly to
the dismay of her husband.  She is also a Gallery Chairperson and is responsible for the
interior layout and placement of artwork within our gallery.
Sharon Bortugno
Watercolors, Pastels
Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sharon currently lives in the mountain Village Town of Oakhurst.
She first studied art in Southern California.   She has been painting for 16 years, focusing primarily on
watercolor and pastel mediums.

Sharon creates composition and design from surrounding areas, and her own photographs or sketches
of various subjects.

She teaches “Beginning  Watercolor Art Classes for Adult & Children'" in her home studio throughout
the year, as well as private instruction for individuals..  She also paints commissioned paintings for
private homes, wineries, restaurants, cemetery remembrances and charity organizations.

Sharon's award winning paintings have been part of Yosemite Western Artists, Oakhurst Fall Festival
and Mariposa Art Shows.  She is a member of Yosemite Western Artists, Vision Academy of Arts,
Mariposa Art Council and North Fork Art Council.

Sharon believes, “Everyone who wants to paint can become an artist!”
Adra Holland
Watercolor, Pastels
Adra is a self-taught artist searching for beautiful landscapes and flowers to paint as she
subjects in oil and pastels.
The last two years Adra has focused on exploring watercolor as this medium expresses pure
light and color, creating vibrant color with intense shadows. Using watercolor helps to create
subtle layers of imagery that are unique to each subject.

Her work has been found in the Wine to You Gallery in Clovis, CA. and in the Mountain Art and
Garden Gallery in Oakhurst, CA. In addition she was the featured artist in the 2010 Rotary
Wine and Fine Art Festival in Mariposa.
Diane Hunter
Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor
Cathy Crandall
Watercolor, Pastels