Artist Bios
Kay Price
Charles Phillips
Anne Mahle
Pastel, Watercolor, Miniatures
Raised on a ranch on the coast of Central California, Charles has a special passion for photographing
ranch life for future generations.  He is a photographer for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy
In his spare time, Charles gives photography workshops, acts as a guide for TV and movie crews scouting
for locations in the Sierra and is a member of the Sierra Nevada Geo Tourism Council for the Yosemite
Region working with the National Geographic Society,  Sierra Business  Council and Sierra Nevada

Charles’ work can sometimes be spotted on National and Local TV stations and his work was recently
features in Cowboys and Indians Magazine and Sunset Magazine.
An award winning digital photographer, Kay is mostly self-taught.  Her work is inspired by the amazing
world in which we live.  Her subjects are primarily from nature, however she also enjoys photographing
historical and old world architecture.  
Originally from Oklahoma, Kay was raised in Southern California. She concluded a career as an
elementary and middle school teacher about a decade ago when she and her husband relocated to
Kay considers her daughter, Kim Price, her mentor.
Mona Jean
Fiber Art
Mona Jean was born and lived most of her life in Southern California, lived a short time in Texas,
Arizona, and Oregon, before retiring in Mariposa.

While in Oregon, her neighbor was Jackie Faulkner, an alpaca rancher and creator of this form
or fiber art. Mona fell in love with the feel of the alpaca fiber. Before moving back to California,
Jackie taught her how to create this unique fiber art.

Not having formal art training has not deterred Mona Jean as she continues  to grow her artistic
vision with the help and guidance of local artists and her new Mariposa neighbor's alpacas in the
Hunters Valley area.
    Watercolor painting is something she's always wanted to do as it is so challenging.  
    As far as subject matter, she paints whatever strikes her fancy which includes
    portraits, landscapes, florals, and animals. These same subjects can be found in her
    many charming miniature artworks.

    Pastels have recently captured  her interest as it is a different way to use color.

    Anne has never enjoyed herself more in her retirement!
Hannelore was born and raised in Germany where she started,  her career as a fine and graphic
artist  mentored by the art and artists of Munich and inspired by Bauhaus and German

She exhibited in realistic watercolors,, etchings, and pencil drawings before arriving at her
current visionary paintings in brilliant colors,, bold energetic gestures, overlapping
transparencies, and pronounced textures.

Since 1978 she has lived in Tennesee, Texas, California and Oregon. She has taught her own
"Art & Soul Journeys" workshops, mentored artists, and worked as a graphic designer, illustrator,
sign painter and muralist..

Now back in California since Spring of 2017, her current brilliant abstracts reflects her closeness
to nature and now paints predominately as a meditative practice to fuse her work as a
celebration of life.