Artist Bios
Carol Sill
Colored Pencil, Watercolors
An award winning artist, Carol primarily uses colored pencil to illustrate her favorite subjects: birds,
floral and western
office of President several times.

Although a retired secondary school teacher from the Los Angeles area, Carol still substitute teaches
in the Mariposa County school system.

Her art training has spanned most of her life including her college years and workshops with Bet
Borgeson, a noted colored pencil artist and author on colored pencil techniques.  She continues to
study art through Merced College.

Carol recently helped design the cover of a book published by a local businessman.

She is a member of the Colored Pencil Society.
Lorie Setterberg
Oil, Acrylic, Miniatures
A transplant from the Salinas area to Mariposa, Lorie is inspired by the play of color and light on
landscape and close up images.  She paints in oil using a variety of styles including pleine aire,
traditional and realistic, capturing great detail.

Her education and career in geography and geology has had a profound effect on her work,
particularly her images of landscape features.  In addition, her participation as a firefighter/ENT for
the Mariposa County Fire Department has inspired her renderings of firefighting activities.

Lorie is past President for our gallery.  Her other passions include riding her Harley Davidson
motorcycle and playing the Native American flute.
Valerie Schmitt
Valerie has been a Californian since April Fool's Day 1964 and a Mariposian since Thanksgiving
2009. Her formal education is in the geological sciences with minors in mathematics and history.
After attaining her master's, Valerie was a field geologist in the 1970's.

In the 1980's her Chinese brush paintings were featured in Semion's Galleries, Laguna Beach,
California. Now that children are raised as much as possible, Valerie is returning to her love of
Her work can be found in Australia, Japan, Sweden and on both coasts of the United States.
Vickie Stewart
Acrylic, Oil
A California native, Vickie studied with gifted artist in the Southern California area on a continuous
basis for over 25 years, Her mentor and friend, Charles LaMonk was her greatest inspiration and
influence and she continues to be thrilled with the learning process of painting.

Her joy of plein aire  painting led her to the great opportunity of forming Yosemite Artists Plein Aire

The challenge, composition, harmony, contrast, and theme rarely just occur in a natural landscape.
She gives herself permission to omit something, mute others, and create her own arrangement of

To create a composition that fills one with joy and excitement is something she urges all the enjoy in
a creative process.
Diane Hunter
Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor
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